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The Green Machine

5 September 2011 / Posted by Brett Phillips

Images: Courtesy of Dan Verity, Circa 2011. So when you think about the colour green you probably think about all the warm and fuzzy stuff right? Like green tree frogs, fresh green grass or chlorophill! Or maybe emeralds? Spinach? Maybe the stars on the Syrian flag!? Its not often that…
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Goodbye Marcus!

15 August 2011 / Posted by Brett Phillips

Images: Sourced from various sites with thanks! GBHQ would like to take the time to acknowledge the president of the IGSA (International Gravity Sports Association) Marcus Rietema for his tireless contribution and support of Gravity Bikes over the past 15 years! Marcus has recently become a father and has decided…
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Collingrove Cup 2011

10 July 2011 / Posted by Brett Phillips

Image: Gravitybike HQ, Circa 2010 Ok our fast friends, it’s on again! The second annual Collingrove Cup will be held at the Collingrove Hillclimb track, Angaston South Australia on October 29th - 30th 2011. Although it’s only 800m long the narrow technical track will be sure to test the skill…
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Salva Alarcon

23 May 2011 / Posted by Brett Phillips

Name Salva AlarconHome town SpainEmail contact n/aAge n/aYear first started riding n/aFirst ride n/aFavorite ride n/aFastest speed n/aRecorded where n/aFavorite hill n/aFavorite corner n/aSponsored n/aSponsored by n/a Image: Salva Alarcon, Circa 2010. Salva Alarcon is a Motorcycle racer, BMX and Gravity Bike rider who is passionate about building and riding…
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BTB Wrap Up!

21 May 2011 / Posted by Brett Phillips

Images taken from multiple blogs and sites without permission, circa 2011! We were going to bring together a write up on our trip to Beat the Bastard in Townsville Queensland last week and talk about all of the wonderful people that we met and had the privilege to ride with.…
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Welcome back DK!

18 April 2011 / Posted by Brett Phillips

A big thanks to DK for posting some cool Gravity Bike compilation of footage of from 2003 - 2006! A very cool custom bike from one of the best!
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Custom lovin'

15 April 2011 / Posted by Brett Phillips

Images: Courtesy Tracko/GSC!, Flickr, Circa 2011 Ok so, the staff at GBHQ are sitting around on a lazy friday afternoon surfing the web and trying to figure out how to kill the last three hours of a crazy working week, when all of a sudden out of the corner of…
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Beat the Bastard Event

13 April 2011 / Posted by Brett Phillips

Ok Gravity Bikers, its time to dig deep and have a little fun all in the name of charity! Beat the Bastard is a charity ride organised by the awesome crew in Townsville with proceeds going to support the Leukaemia Foundation. The event is held at Mt Stuart in Townsville Queensland.…
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Police Gravity Bikes!?

6 March 2011 / Posted by Brett Phillips

Image: Courtesy of Aji, Circa 2011 Since the dawn of time, the fuzz have been trying to take the 'u' out of 'fun'! In their latest attempt to keep the little gravity bike man down, they have been snapped testing their latest gravity weapon. That's right people the Mad Max…
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The Godfather of Gravity

27 January 2011 / Posted by Brett Phillips

Image: Courtesy of Fortune Hanebrink, circa 2010 For those of you old enough to remember, Mr Dan Hanebrink is not only a six-time MTB National Class Champion and a NASA aerospace engineer, he just happens to be one of the most influential figures in the history of Gravity Bike development.…
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