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Bikefest tickets!

Bikefest tickets!

26 October 2010 / Posted by Brett Phillips

Image: Courtesy of Bikefest, Circa 2010

Held over 5 days in November, Bikefest features Art & Design, Forums & Workshops, Markets & Retail, Entertainment, Screenings, Bike Rides and Special Events. You can be the first to book in to the Bikefest action by snapping up a ticket to one of these fantastic events. Bikefest is very pleased to be working with Design Victoria on a range of forums, Projector Bike on some Ride In Movies and some of Melbourne's finest comedians on The Bikefest Great Debate. Bikefest Better by Bike entries are now live online! Full program released on 1 November. Read on for more details on each event!

Better by Bike Entries

Better by Bike is Bikefest’s inaugural competition for new ideas. Over the last few months, they put out a call to students; design professionals and bicycle enthusiasts to submit designs, ideas and programs that make the world better by bike. The competition brief was kept very wide, to show that interest in bikes can be found in many areas - be it the environment, fashion, safety, design, community services, health or cultural life. Good ideas should be contagious and they think that the entries to Better by Bike make the choice to ride a bike an easier one for everyone. Bikefest hopes they will also inspire you to come up with your own bike solution! View the entries here!

The Bikefest Great Debate

Cars vs Bikes. Bikes vs Cars. Aren’t we all just people trying to get from A to B? In an effort to defuse the escalating tensions on the streets of Melbourne, Bikefest has opened up the debate to some of our city’s quickest wits. An all-star panel of local comedians put a light-hearted spin on the argument that "Bikes are the best form of transport". Featuring Josh Earl as moderator and teams including: Hannah Gadsby, Charlie Pickering and Bart Freebairn arguing in the affirmative PLUS Lawrence Leung, Harley Breen and Andrew McLelland arguing in the negative. Find out more here!

Ride In Movies

Projector Bike invites you to grab your fixie, mountain bike, street machine, BMX, pub racer or just drag out old rusty from the back shed and join us for a night of moonlit cinema. Leaving from 1000 £ Bend we will take a short ride to our mystery Ride In Movie location. Enjoy a number of locally made shorts before our main feature. Bring a picnic rug or camping chair, warm clothes, cinema snacks and drinks. Please note the Ride In Movie will be departing at on Friday 26 and Saturday 27 November at 7.30pm and arriving at the screening location around 8pm. Find out more here!

Bike Tribes: The Role of Design.

Whether you ride like a BMX bandit, cruise around town on your “fixie” or sport lycra to make you go faster- bicycle subcultures all carry their own design signifiers. To what extent does product, service and retail design influence how, where and why we ride bikes? Be inspired by developments in bike and accessory design, rental and maintenance services and even café culture. Find out how innovations in these fields are creating new urban bike riding lifestyles. Featuring Paul van Bellen, Gazelle Bicycles Australia, Mike Lelliot, Knog, Matthew Bates, Little Mule Co. and Susan Goodwin, Rocket Fuel.
Find out more here!

Cultural Shift: Women on Bikes

Picture this: bicycle, goggles,


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