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My new ride...

13 October 2010 / Posted by David McMahon

I still have some more work to do on her... But I was able to take her out for a couple short runs!! Awesome! Peace Jaded1
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Hello Sam!

12 October 2010 / Posted by Brett Phillips

Step 1: Walk over to the stereoStep 2: Put on your favourite recordStep 2: Turn it up and welcome in hump day! Sam meet GBHQ, GBHQ meet Sam! 
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Hey all...

8 October 2010 / Posted by David McMahon

I am new to the boards. Until a few days ago I had never heard of gravity bikes. I have been messing around with bikes my whole life. I make custom art and motorized bikes generally. I am pretty stoked that I have stumbled across this site and the whole…
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Bicycle Swap Meet

21 September 2010 / Posted by Brett Phillips

Image: Courtesy of Andy, Fyxomatosis. Circa 2010 The Melburn Bicycle Swap Meet is on! Saturday 2 October 20109am for sellers / 10am-12pm for buyers. $5 to sell / free to buy and haggleNew and Old, Used and Abused. BMX, Road, Track, Fixed, Vintage, Classic, Retro.Bike parts, frames, clothing, coffee and…
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Hello Magda!

14 September 2010 / Posted by Brett Phillips

Image: Courtesy of The Fix Fix Fix So over the last few weeks we have been bombarded with emails telling us how risqué our hump day hotties were getting and that we should take a cold shower and cool down a bit! And while we have never been ones to…
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Humble & Vintage

9 September 2010 / Posted by Brett Phillips

Image: Courtesy of the Humble Vintage Bike Hire Co. Circa 2010. EVERY now and then it is nice to read some good news about Melbourne and cycling enthusiast Matthew Hurst is happy to provide it. Mr Hurst rents out restored bikes with detailed city cycling routes in his quarterly newsletter…
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9 September 2010 / Posted by Brett Phillips

Image: Courtesy of the Humble Vintage Bike Hire Co. We love well designed and well made things, particularly when there's a bike involved. So when we saw this little urban runabout we immediately thought that the Dutch must be involved. Sure enough, simple design, well executed, how very dutch indeed.…
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Deus Ex Machina

7 September 2010 / Posted by Brett Phillips

Image: Courtesy of Deus Ex Machina, Circa 2010. Ladies and genitals, dust off your Whitworths and recalibrate your King Dongs in readiness. It's time to close your eyes and imagine a happy place, a place without boundaries where old American iron crossbreeds with 80s Japanese sport monsters. Where a rigid…
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Offroad gravity?

7 September 2010 / Posted by Brett Phillips

Image: Industrial designer Ryan David Francis. Circa 2010. Looking for a new way to get that Gravity Bike of yours off road? Well look no further. Industrial designer Ryan David Francis has come up with this little puppy. While its not really a gravity bike, it is powered by an…
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Alb the invincible!

6 September 2010 / Posted by Brett Phillips

Images: Courtesy of Rocío Manceras, Malaga Spain. Circa 2010. When it comes to our Gravity Bike friends in Spain, there's no shortage of passion or energy that's for sure! They have equal measures of both. Combine this with some of the craziest hills in the world and you have a recipe…
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