GBHQ loves people who follow their dreams. Its what drives us to be better at what we do. Team GBHQ is a bunch of riders who love everything about riding and racing gravity bikes. They help promote the sport, ride at events and mentor the next generation of gbikers. They also happen to love GBHQ which is a bonus! Learn more about them below.

Rider profiles

Brett Phillips

Brett Phillips is a three time IGSA World Champion. He loves gravity bikes and hates long walks on the beach, going slow and dolphins.
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Sholto Allbrook

Don't let the beard fool you, Sholto Allbrook can ride the pants off just about anything and he's got an IGSA World Championship patch to prove it.
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Luke Christiano

Luke only knows two things. Fast and Fast. If he's not making babies he's making our bikes go faster on and off the track.
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Shane Melrose

Part man, part machine, Shane isn't afraid to find the line and make it stick. His moto? Fast, Faster, Fastest.
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Zack Leader

Zack is a two time British Junior Gravity Bike Champion (2016, 2017) and two time British Gravity Bike Runner Up (2016, 2017).
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