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Leader Signs with GBHQ

19 November 2017 / Posted by Brett Phillips

18-year-old Kirton Lindsey kid, Zack Leader, has signed with GravityBike HQ for his 2018 British Gravity Bike Championship campaign. The two-time Runner Up joins the Australian based outfit in what he hopes will give him the knowledge and tools to help him clinch his first BGBC title. After finishing second…
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Tips For Successful Mountain Bike Racing

18 November 2017 / Posted by alexander leytan

Contrary to popular belief, mountain bike racing is not just a sport for young, adrenaline-crazed muscular macho men in leather jackets. Rather, today's "adrenaline-crazed" bike rider is as likely to be middle aged as he is young, flabby as he is muscular, and feminine as he is macho. Mountain bike…
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Mt tarrengower Victoria push for gravity event???

24 June 2014 / Posted by Sean Duvoisin

Wondering if an how we get a group together to try create a gravity bike event at mount tarrengower im maldon Victoria? Last weekend hit 92kmh down the mountain in the rain so proves to be a pretty awesome downhill, smooth road and fairly safe, need more events in Victoria.…
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Gravity Sports Resources & Information

13 May 2014 / Posted by Brett Phillips

Gravity Sports Resources & Information Over the past 5 years, Gravity Sports have enjoyed major increases in participation and profile. This has seen existing events become more popular and new events started to join the global gravity calendar. With greater participation comes greater responsibility to ensure that all events, big…
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The Universal Code - Global Launch

27 September 2012 / Posted by Brett Phillips

A very important announcement to our gravity family. Since the early 1970’s, when Gravity Sports piqued the interest of riders and the general public across America and Europe, individuals have stepped up to take on the responsibility of organising legitimate events for gravity athletes. Since this time various organisations and…
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The Andy Smith Interview

27 September 2011 / Posted by Brett Phillips

Images: Courtesy of Andy 'Sakamoto' Smith, Circa 2011. There are not many times in life when you come across people that truly inspire you. You know, the kind of people that remind you of what it means to be passionate and enthusiastic about life, learning, friendships, riding, racing and everything…
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Registration open - BTS

18 January 2011 / Posted by Brett Phillips

Image: Courtesy of Gravity Sports Events, © David Brittain 2010 Ok you crazy kids, Registration for Bomb the Snowies is now open!! Bomb the Snowies has 125 spots available across 6 disciplines of gravity sports. Inline, Street Luge, Downhill Skateboarding, Gravity Bike, Skullboarding and Classic Luge. Bomb the Snowies will use…
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Bomb the Snowies

30 November 2010 / Posted by Brett Phillips

Name of event: Bomb the SnowiesNature of event: SeriesEvent URL: Snowy Mountains, NSWDate of event: Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th March 2011Organised by: Gravity Sports EventsContact email Gravity Sport Events Ltd is a not for profit company which has been created to assist in organising legitimate gravity sport…
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Gravity Sports Events

6 November 2010 / Posted by Brett Phillips

Image: Gravity Sport Events (GSE) Now this has to be one of the most important announcements for Gravity Bike racing since time began! Gravity Sports Events (GSE) is a not for profit company which has been created to assist in organising legitimate gravity sport events. GSE has been formed with…
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