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Maryhill Noobs Freeride

The Noobs Freeride is designed to allow the less experienced rider to gain some downhill experience and for the more experienced rider to ride the famous hill at a more casual pace. Unlike the Free-4-All’s, the Noobs Freeride will feature small packs and leathers are not required.

If you are planning on coming with family, friends, girlfriends, boyfriends or a parent and they want to get onto the property, they must be signed up in advance and they will be put to work as a volunteer. Those under 18 will have to have a waiver signed by their parent or guardian (notarized if the parent is not in attendance) to enter the property. Families are welcome to show up but everyone entering the property will have to sign a waiver.

For more information visit the official website here.

Event summary

Location: United States
City: Goldendale, WA
Type: Freeride
Gravity Bikes: Yes
Map: Click here