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Classic El Colombiano

This is one serious bike festival and one serious hill for gravity bikers. The gravity bike class was cancelled in 2012 due to safety concerns but the 16km hill continues to attract some serious riders and some serious speeds. In previous years, the Classic El Colombiano has attracted hundreds of gravity bikers from all over the world and it was always a favourite of ours to follow. Its worth keeping an eye on just in case they bring a sanctioned gravity event back into the festival.

Evento deportivo que realizará en Medellín. Incluye Ciclopaseo que será el 23 de octubre y otras compentencias como Gravity, Bicicross, Ruta Junior, Ruta Mayores, DowHill Urbano, Cross Country de Ciclomontañismo y Bike Trial que serán entre el 4 y el 7 de noviembre. 

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Event summary

Location: Spain
City: Medellin
Type: Race
Gravity Bikes: Sometimes
Map: Click here