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BSL Slalom Challenge

The aim of the Brisbane Street Luge Slalom Challenge is to bring together Lugers, G Bikes & In-line skaters for a fun day out. A slalom event is a concept that has developed from numerous conversations during and after the Street Luge Training Days held at the same location. Watching the riders coming down the hill each month (and having a lot of fun doing it), it became clear that "Why should the newbies get all the fun!?".

The event will allow riders who are new to the sport to expand their skills into a more challenging course and the regular riders a fun day out with the chance to win a trophy and some great prizes! The last two years have been a fantastic success, proving you can still have a ball on small hills and this year it will be even better! This is a Legitimate event complete with Insurance, First Aid & Airwalls for your safety. All in all though this event is about everyone getting together and having fun!!!

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Event summary

Location: Australia
City: Brisbane
Type: Training Day
Gravity Bikes: Yes
Map: Click here