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Zack Leader

Zack is a two time British Gravity Bike Runner Up (2016, 2017) and two time British Junior Gravity Bike Champion (2016, 2017). He loves racing and is always striving for the best results possible. Endlessly working harder and harder to be faster and become British champion, Zack is often seen as having determination, passion and drive like no other. Starting in 2012, he’s worked his way up the rankings slowly and is now one of the most recognised riders within the sport. A wise head on young shoulders you may say!


Because they are the best team in the world, bar none. You don’t get better than these guys!

How long have you been riding?

Since 2012, the year the world was gonna end, though mine only just started.

What do you love about riding gbikes?

How pure it is. You make a mistake, that’s your run gone. There’s no margin for error. You’ve gotta be onit every time you sit your ass on the bike. This game can be a real harsh mistress.

Freeride or raceday?

Raceday every time. I’m a proper racer at heart, there’s no better feeling than winning a bloody good race! It’s that sense of victory I crave!