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Mutts is Nutts!

24 August 2010 / Posted by Brett Phillips

Image: Courtesy of Mutts Nutts Racing, England. Circa 2010 Our first thought when we saw Mutt Nutts Racing's new ride yesterday was "wow, there has been some serious thought go into this puppy!" The MNR II is one very neat machine. Apart from the obvious attention to detail, the MNR…
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The future?!

22 August 2010 / Posted by Brett Phillips

The inner geek in us just couldn't help but think about the future of gravity bikes when we saw this little baby. Think about it, multi level courses, mirror finish tracks, super bikes capable of intense and frictionless speeds. Mad battles of life and death. Bring it on we say!
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Collingrove rego open!

19 August 2010 / Posted by Brett Phillips

The South Australian Gravity Racers Association has opened the registration for Collingrove Cup! So get your credit card out and get registering!! Register here!    
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Girls on bikes

17 August 2010 / Posted by Brett Phillips

Image: Konspirace Alleycat, original photographer not credited. So its around 2 hours to hump day and we thought you may need that little bit of motivation to make it through the rest of the week. I know that we sure did. So sit back, relax and let the cool cats…
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What's up?

17 August 2010 / Posted by Ed Santana

What up? New to the board. I'm from the Inland Empire California (909) I run with SCISR. So Cal illegal soapbpx racers under the federation of SFVISBF. We run soapbox racers all thur So Cal and Nor Cal. I hope you guys don't mine Soapbox guys on ur site. Ed Twisted
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Dwight Garland interview

16 August 2010 / Posted by Brett Phillips

Image: Courtesy of Darren Lott, Gravity Publishing, Circa 1999. Sophomore Hill Buttboard Classic  For those of you who appreciate the history of things and those riders that helped pioneer Gravity Bike racing, you will dig our interview with Guiness World Record Holder, Dwight 'Snarlin' Garland.  Snarlin was riding and racing before…
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Collingrove Cup

19 July 2010 / Posted by Brett Phillips

Ok gravity junkies, the moment you've all been waiting for is finally here. The inaugural Collingrove Cup organised by the South Australian Gravity Riders Association. The Collingrove Cup is a downhill event featuring gravity bikes, street luge, skateboarding, downhill wheelchair and drift bikes. So bust out that VB money tin…
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Adelaide recognisance

15 June 2010 / Posted by Brett Phillips

Image: Still taken from video. Onboard with Dean Gallagher 2010 On Sunday 13th June, the Adelaide crew went on a recognisance mission to ride a historic hillclimb track in the outskirts of the city. From all reports and from the video it looks awesome. With tight, twisting corners and plenty…
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GB Medellin video

15 June 2010 / Posted by Brett Phillips

Image: Still taken from video. Medellin, Colombia 2010. If you thought that the only fast things to come out of Colombia was the sweet white stuff and hot women then you would be wrong my friend. The lads from Medellin, Colombia have just posted this rad piece of footage taken…
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Life in the fast lane

1 June 2010 / Posted by Brett Phillips

Welcome to life in the fast lane! Gravitybike HQ salutes all of the those riders, individuals, businesses and associations for their ongoing contribution to making our sport more visible, inspiring and fun. We hope you enjoy the site and look forward to hearing from you along the way.
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